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Tuesday 6 June 2017

8h30-9h00:    Registration and coffee

9h00-9h15:    Introduction to the conference by M. Francis Ruelle, Mayor of Wimereux

9h15-9h30:     Welcome to the participants (FG Schmitt, Head of the Laboratory of Oceanology and Geosciences)

Foreword to EEC2017 (L Seuront & N Spilmont)

Morning Session (Chair: E. Goberville)

9h30-10h00:  Keynote 1, Zoological, maritime and oceanological laboratories of the Boulogne area: 1874-2017 (Schmitt François)

10h00-10h30: Keynote 2  Hydrodynamics and zooplankton of the French waters of the eastern English Channel (Brylinski Jean-Michel)

10h30-10h50: Talk 1, Observations and modelling of tidal dynamics along the Opal Coast of France: from marine biology to energy resource assessment (Sentchev Alexei)

10h50-11h10: Talk 2, Eutrophication status assessment implementing EU Directives and Regional Sea Convention Strategy: summary and research needs (Lefebvre Alain)

11h10-11h30: Talk 3, Dynamics of particulate organic matter composition in coastal systems: is the English Channel different from other regions? (Lienard Camilla, presented by Savoye Nicolas)

11h30-11h50: Talk 4, Spatial distribution of phytoplankton communities in spring in the eastern English Channel, addressed by a combination of innovative and reference techniques (Artigas Luis Felipe)


Midday Break and Poster Session

11h50-12h30: Poster session 1

12h30-13h30: Standing lunch

13h30-14h00: Poster session 2


Afternoon Session

(Chair: P. Marchal)

14h00-14h30: Keynote 3, Pattern, process and prediction in marine ecology (McQuaid Christopher)

14h30-14h50: Talk 5, Using phytoplankton traits and derived metrics to understand long-term recovery progress of a coastal ecosystem following trend reversal in anthropogenic nutrients (Breton Elsa)

14h50-15h10: Talk 6, Environmental response of Phaeocystis spp. realized niche and its consequences (Karasiewicz Stéphane)

15h10-15h30: Talk 7, New developments to fill the gap in high frequency data series and to integrate knowledge in Markov modeling of phytoplankton dynamics (Poisson-Caillaut Emilie)

15h30-15h50: Talk 8, Nano/Microfuidics around organic particles in natural waters (Jenkinson Ian)

15h50-16h10. Talk 9, Marine foam: an overlooked component of aquatic ecosystems? (Elias Florence)


16h10-16h40: Coffee Break


(Chair: L. Seuront)

16h40-17h00: Talk 10, Depth is a critical environmental driver of the food web structure in the eastern English Channel (Lefebvre Sébastien)

17h00-17h20: Talk 11, Diversity overview and potential activity patterns of microbial eukaryotes in a mesoeutrophic coastal area, the Eastern English Channel (Rachik Sarah)

17h20-17h40: Talk 12, Symbionts and decomposers in a meso-eutrophic coastal system with marked phytoplankton succession (Christaki Urania)

17h40-18h00: Closing words and various instructions (L. Seuront & N. Spilmont)

18h00-onwards: free evening



Wednesday 7 June 2017

Morning Session

(Chair: U. Christaki)

8h45-9h00: Welcome of participants

9h00-9h30: Keynote 4, Benthic time series observations in the North-eastern Atlantic european marine stations (Dauvin Jean-Claude)

9h30-9h50: Talk 13, Benthic foraminifera distribution along the southern North Sea and the English Channel coasts (Armynot du Chatelet Eric)

9h50-10h10: Talk 14, Ecological zonation of intertidal foraminifera from Hauts-de-France (Northern France) (Francescangeli Fabio)

10h10-10h30: Talk 15, Sediment-water exchanges of oxygen and nutrients in the eastern English Channel: synthesis, budget, obstacles and perspectives (Denis Lionel)

10h30-10h50: Talk 16, Variability in sediment characteristics and organic matter dynamics during a Phaeocystis globosa spring bloom in an intertidal mudflat (Authie estuary, Northern France) (Gontharet Swanne)


10h50-11h10:  Coffee Break


(Chair: N. Spilmont)

11h10-11h30: Talk 17, Variability in spawning dates and spatial distribution of two sympatric species of lugworms in a marine protected area and its implications for management (De Cubber Lola)

11h30-11h50: Talk 18, Dominant but overlooked: the productive pebbles with sessile epifauna community of the Dover strait (Davoult Dominique)

11h50-12h10: Talk 19, Long-term changes in the species diversity of the fine sand benthic community of the Bay of Seine (Bacouillard Lise)

12h10-12h30: Talk 20, Structure and trophic network of a windfarm site of the eastern part of the English Channel (Pezy Jean-Philippe)


12h30-13h30: Standing lunch


Afternoon Session



(Chair: F.G. Schmitt)

13h30-13h50: Talk 21, The marine natural park "estuaires Picards et mers d'Opale", territory of expertise? (Harley Xavier)

13h50-14h10: Talk 22, Harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) in the English Channel and the southern North Sea (Mahfouz Céline)

14h10-14h30: Talk 23, Contribution to the knowledge of marine mammals of the Opal Coast and Picard estuaries (Bourgain Jean-Luc)

14h30-14h50: Talk 24, Combining the dynamics of marine ecosystems and of fishing fleets in the eastern English Channel: a review of recent modelling approaches (Marchal Paul)

14h50-15h20: Keynote 5, The coastal sediments of the Eastern Channel: an overview of the distribution and fate of sands in the shallow marine and coastal environments of northern France (HequetteArnaud)

15h20-15h40: Talk 25, Multi-decadal to annual shoreline evolution of the dune coast of the French eastern English Channel: the role of storms and sediment budget (Ruz Marie-Hélène)

15h40-16h00: Talk 26, Present-day sands along the Boulonnais seashore: mostly fossil? (Guillot François)


16h00-16h20: Coffee Break


(Chair: V. Gaullier)

 16h20-16h40: Talk 27, The Cape Griz-Nez – Strait of Dover area: a persistent paleogeographic feature through the Earth history (Averbuch Olivier)

16h40-17h00: Talk 28, The "TREMOR" project: a sediment-structural land-sea study in the eastern English Channel (Gaullier Virgine)

17h00-17h20: Talk 29, Updating geological knowledge of the Anglo-Parisian Basin from offshore mapping and investigations using very-high resolution seismic data (Paquet Fabien)

17h20-17h40: Talk 30, Structural development of the Dieppe-Hampshire Basin (eastern English Channel): contribution of new seismic data (Jollivet-Castelot Martin)

17h40-18h10: Keynote 6, Twenty years of observations in the French coastal waters: the case of the eastern English Channel  (SautourBenoit)

18h10-18h20: Closing words (L Seuront & N Spilmont)

18h20-19h00: Drinks and nibbles.




Thursday 8 June  2017

  • 9h30-12h00: meeting of the Scientific Committee, discussion