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Laurent Seuront

Research Professor at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

Research interests

Biophysical couplings and behavioral ecology of organisms ranging from bacteria to marine mammals. L. Seuront aims at understanding how cognition and behavioral complexity are adaptive to the space-time heterogeneity of the abiotic and biotic properties of their environment at scales relevant to the biology and ecology of individual organisms. The individual scale is fundamentally considered as a keystone component of the structure and functioning of ecosystems, in particular in response to various natural and anthropogenic stressors. His interdisciplinary approach is based on a constant interaction between in situ and ex situ experimentation, numerical analysis and modeling. 

Nicolas Spilmont

Associate Professor, University de Lille - Sciences et Technologies

Research interests
Intertidal benthic ecology. His current research projects focus on (i) the colonization of the French coast of the english Channel by introduced shore crabs (Hemigrapsus sp.) and (ii) the benthic diversity of natural and anthropogenic intertidal hard substrates. These studies combine both field surveys and laboratory experiments (e.g. behavioral analyses). N. Spilmont is also involved in studies on the impact of anthropogenic activities (e.g. dredging) on subtidal benthic communities.